BMSG recruitment philosophy is based on quality service rendered to its clients and candidates which can be summarised through following actions:

  • Recruitment of qualified crew
  • Flexible personnel solutions
  • At the service of our crew members with a 24/7 responsiveness
  • A professional and flexible approach

Criteria for crew selection

BMSG advertises internationally, and its crew selection is based on the following criteria:

  • Valid documents and certificates, in compliance with position, vessel requirements and in accordance with STCW regulations as amended.
  • Experience as per operations requirements;
  • Medical Certificate issued by an approved and MLC compliant medical institution which has the authority to issue MLC medical fitness certificate for seafarers; before any assignment, all our candidates are tested in compliance with medical requirements as well as BOURBON drug and alcohol policy; References from previous employer;
  • Knowledge of english language- tests made accordance with MARLINS English Language Tests.

Positions offered

  • Master
  • Chief Engineer
  • Deck Officers
  • DPO / SDPO
  • Engineers
  • Crane operator
  • Deck crew
  • Engine Crew
  • HSE/Medics
  • Riggers
  • Surfer pilots

The potential candidates can be offered professional and confidential career advices, aiming to discuss any current or future opportunities to offer a life changing career move within the offshore oil and gas industry.

To create and enhance interest in their sea time experience, BMSG can approach its colleagues from the operations to give its recruiter’s prudent and reserved opinion to guide and accompany the choice of candidates.